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Successfully held the information and industrialization integration management system launch conference

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2018-10-09 00:00:00.000

Warm congratulations to zhengzhou zhongnan jiete super hard materials co. LTD

Successfully held the information and industrialization integration management system launch conference

The morning of September 11, 2018, the company informatization and industrialization fusion (hereinafter referred to as: two fusion) management system to start the meeting in the center on the second floor meeting room,my company is a collection of scientific research, production, sales and service as one of the high-tech enterprises,is a wholly owned subsidiary of zhongnan diamond co., LTD., located in zhengzhou,  since it was founded in 2000, adhere to the scientific research and technology innovation development way, self-reliance, constantly optimize the product structure , application of new technology, new product development, development of science and technology economy.

This event marks the official start of our company's two - chemical integration through standards. The conference was hosted by zhao haijun, general manager of the company.

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At the beginning of the meeting, zhao haijun,general manager of the company, delivered an important speech. He mentioned that promoting industrialization by informatization and promoting informatization are the inevitable requirements for the comprehensive and rapid development of the company.  This is an important work that we have been doing and will continue to do. In the development of national information industry, the deep integration of manufacturing industry and Internet is leading a new round of manufacturing revolution.  In the context of industrial development and national policies at the present stage, informatization construction has become an inevitable way for industrial development, and the national standards of the integration of industrialization and industrialization derived from it are bound to improve the quality of enterprises.In view of this trend,our company should also apply it to production activities on a down-to-earth basis,which is reflected in the optimized state of various links and departments.  I hope that through this implementation of national standards, our company in the road of industrial innovation and development more brilliant results.

Successfully held the information and industrialization integration management system launch conference

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Subsequently, the main responsible person made an important statement on the implementation of the integration of informatization and industrialization. The company will firmly implement the application of the management system of integration of informatization and industrialization in the enterprise, actively cooperate and coordinate related work, and keep forging ahead to absorb the wisdom of the integration of informatization and industrialization. In the future, the company will coordinate with relevant departments to strictly follow the project implementation plan, allocate sufficient technical force, and build a two-oriented integrated development platform.

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After counseling agency was invited to attend two of the fusion, jitc henan yu sheng liu of intellectual property agency co., LTD. And the exchange, the interpretation of the related content. Liu first tells the story of the informatization and industrialization fusion development planning (2016-2020) ", "made in China 2025" two combination of industrial policy, development prospects and trends and two fusion principle and basic framework of jitc system.

Mr. Liu also communicated with relevant personnel about the current situation of the integration of the Internet and manufacturing industry, and the specific working process and content of the company's certification of the unified standardization system. In line with the principle of essence, the consulting institution gives reasonable Suggestions for information construction of the company, and assists in building a management system in line with the current development plan of the company.

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Zhengzhou zhongnangjie super hard materials co., LTD. Believes that through the comprehensive implementation of the two-chemical integration of the standard work, it will create a new ability under the information environment, acquire its sustainable development competitive advantage, and become a domestic and international famous quality industrial production enterprises!


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